Update: BaBK

So this “project” got kind of lost this term. I’m not sure why I didn’t
have the focus I had last year when I did this…maybe it’s just my feminine “diffuse awareness” hitting me hard? Maybe I just had a lot more going on mentally or emotionally or spiritually this time? Maybe I don’t need an explanation! Whatever it is, I did not reach the weight loss goal I set. Technically I have a couple more weeks, but I don’t see 20 lbs melting away in 2 weeks. That would be cause for alarm not cause for rejoicing in reaching my goal. Despite this, I am choosing to focus on the many good things that happened during this time. No regret, no being mean to myself about it, just a redirection of my thoughts to the positive changes I am making.

Dang, I wanted to list things out, but I have no idea where to start. The pressure of remembering things and writing them down…THE PRESSURE! :0) This is where I recognize the need to write the good things down as they happen. I’ll just say this: the past 4 months have been quite a roller coaster, but the overall vibe I feel while trying to remember specific events is, PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. Wow. That’s kind of enormous. And a way bigger life lesson than losing 27 lbs. Way to go me.



Found it! My enthusiasm!

People may roll their eyes at me for saying it, but believing “I am beautiful” is a universal female struggle. Yes, ultimately we need to find it within ourselves to believe it is true, but being female, external assurance that I am absolutely correct is always helpful…and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. We were created to need each other. I believe that this is one way women need men. (Yeah, I’m weird enough to know that men and women have different needs.)

Gentlemen, go tell your daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends that they are beautiful. It’s important for for us to hear it from you.

And share this video because it’s awesome.

(I’m not sure what I intended to write when I hit share, but apparently I had something to say about this. LOVE ME!)