Update: BaBK

So this “project” got kind of lost this term. I’m not sure why I didn’t
have the focus I had last year when I did this…maybe it’s just my feminine “diffuse awareness” hitting me hard? Maybe I just had a lot more going on mentally or emotionally or spiritually this time? Maybe I don’t need an explanation! Whatever it is, I did not reach the weight loss goal I set. Technically I have a couple more weeks, but I don’t see 20 lbs melting away in 2 weeks. That would be cause for alarm not cause for rejoicing in reaching my goal. Despite this, I am choosing to focus on the many good things that happened during this time. No regret, no being mean to myself about it, just a redirection of my thoughts to the positive changes I am making.

Dang, I wanted to list things out, but I have no idea where to start. The pressure of remembering things and writing them down…THE PRESSURE! :0) This is where I recognize the need to write the good things down as they happen. I’ll just say this: the past 4 months have been quite a roller coaster, but the overall vibe I feel while trying to remember specific events is, PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION. Wow. That’s kind of enormous. And a way bigger life lesson than losing 27 lbs. Way to go me.



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