Christmas and doctor-y stuff.

Hey blog, how’s it going?

It’s 2016. 2016! This is the year I become a DOCTOR! School starts next week and I have 10 classes (TEN classes? Wait, I thought I was FINISHED with classes, because I’m going into clinic…so…what the heck?) and, as you may already know, I start clinic as well. Whoa. It’s getting real, my friends. I’m super excited, except about charting. Mostly because it’s in a wacky state of flux right now. We are initiating EHR (electronic health records) and ya know, change: It’s never easy. Also, they take forever to write out. Mostly I just want to talk to people and love on them and find out about their lives and help them on their way to happy, healthy places…so what’s up with this whole charting business? 😉 (But I digress, go here for more med school antics.)

Christmas was pretty amazing. I was under the impression that Santa wasn’t coming this year. Yeah, well…Santa showed up big time. It probably drove my sweetheart crazy waiting for me to get my lazy butt outta bed, because HE knew Santa had shown up. Weird. 😉 Anyway, you should know that I love this man and he made my Christmas a giant surprise full of happiness and hugs, which is always a superfun time.

I also got to go to Ohio to see my parents (because I have a car: #thankfulforever), and took a little side trip to Michigan to see Sister and Fam. My niece did my makeup (FUN!) and we watched Inside Out (ALLLL the emotions) and went rock climbing and ate good food (thanks, Daddy!) and sat around and relaxed. Perfect! You should know that my family is amazing and supportive and I could not be who I am today without them. ❤ And they also got me pressies. WHAT? I seriously thought it was No Santa Christmas, people. GOSH.

Love and peace and all the good things to you in 2016.




Yet another list of seemingly unrelated foods. Eating should not be painful. Let’s hope this does it.

Found it! My enthusiasm!

People may roll their eyes at me for saying it, but believing “I am beautiful” is a universal female struggle. Yes, ultimately we need to find it within ourselves to believe it is true, but being female, external assurance that I am absolutely correct is always helpful…and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. We were created to need each other. I believe that this is one way women need men. (Yeah, I’m weird enough to know that men and women have different needs.)

Gentlemen, go tell your daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends that they are beautiful. It’s important for for us to hear it from you.

And share this video because it’s awesome.

(I’m not sure what I intended to write when I hit share, but apparently I had something to say about this. LOVE ME!)

Tri 4.3

Last year at this time it was Tri 2.2. “Tri” is short for trimester. I set a goal to lose 20 lbs and started into The Plan followed quickly by Whole30. I started walking and running more often. I had a pretty damn good attitude, on purpose, most days…I think. And I lost 20 lbs! It was kind of an exercise in mind-body medicine really.

So here I am closing in on May again , Summer Tri at NUHS. I gained only 7 of those lbs back but that’s pretty damn good for a 42 yr old stress-bucket who gave up on all semblance of Eating Clean at some point and went with Eating Food Because I’m Poor And Beggars Certainly Can’t Be Choosers.
This tri the goal is 27 lbs. 20 + the 7 I gained. Also I read on a website that 42 yr old women of my height felt most healthy and comfortable at my current weight minus 27 lbs. Coincidence? I think not. ;0)

Anyway, here I go. Nobody reads this, so I’m pretty safe saying damn well anything I like. That’s kinda fun.

Oh yeah, I also quit smoking.

August 30, 2014. I will weigh 27 lbs less than my current weight. Peace out, y’all.


Vulnerable vs. Needy, by Lissa Rankin

Lissa Rankin, MD

“I don’t want to feel like I have to be strong all the time. I want to be allowed to fall apart, to freak out, to get scared, to feel insecure and need reassurance. And I don’t expect those I love to keep it together all the time either.

But I also want to have relationships where we can both be sunshine choosing to bump up against one another from time to time, while also letting it be okay that we sometimes grow dim.”